5 Activities for Seniors in Winter

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With the arrival of winter, we are presented with the opportunity to carry out new activities for the elderly. When the cold arrives, we must be especially aware of them, because low temperatures can affect them more than us and we must take this into account. That’s why we bring you the best activities for seniors this winter.

With this simple list, the elderly will be entertained, comfortable and warm. Get to know with Tenderness Health the 5 best activities for seniors in winter.

Best Activities for Seniors this Winter

This time is as good as any other to spend time with your seniors. In addition, with the arrival of winter, it gets dark earlier and the mood of our elders can be affected. They will appreciate our company and affection even more on these dates.

Here we offer you ideas of plans to do with your elders that can cheer them up this winter.

Walks in Company

Although it can be difficult with the cold, physical activity is very important for the health of the elderly. Taking regular walks will improve their mobility and general health. Try to go out in the central hours of the day when the sun is still present. It is highly recommended that older people walk accompanied. With low temperatures there may be frozen surfaces and it is easier to avoid slipping by being accompanied.

In addition to feeling safer in our company, we can also help and encourage them. Give them a hand, take the opportunity to run errands that are more difficult for them, or simply enjoy the pleasure of their company. Giving them conversation and listening to them will improve their mood and ours.

As if all these advantages were not enough, breathing in the fresh air improves the health of the elderly. Breathing fresh air whenever possible is advisable as it strengthens the respiratory system and is a way to improve their immune system against viruses such as colds, flu or COVID.

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Surprise Visit

Sadly, it is common for older people to feel alone or even neglected. An ideal way to encourage and care for your older person is to surprise them with a special visit. Surely they are happy to see someone they do not frequent and to share their time.

With age it is normal for older people to have limited mobility or a delicate state of health. Visits can be the ideal opportunity to bring them something that excites them. Memories of their childhood, warm clothes, a homemade meal or any detail that they like.

Board Games

Board games offer the opportunity to have fun without getting cold and are an ideal way to spend an evening with the family.

From board games for two people to group games for which you can invite more family and friends, fun is guaranteed.

Special Meals

Eating is a pleasure and even more so in good company. Preparing something delicious for your elderly person is a great way to improve their mood and their health at the same time. With the arrival of winter it is especially important to take care of their diet. Foods rich in vitamin C will improve their defenses and vitamin D will compensate for the lack of sunlight in winter.

Without neglecting food for the elderly, winter offers the opportunity to enjoy traditional meals like never before. At this time you can prepare chocolate, some soup or bake something delicious for breakfast or snack.

Remember Old Times

Older people have a special connection to the past. A great activity for them is to examine their memories in a fun way. We can use things from them or from another family member. Remembering old times is good for them to improve their memory and is an ideal way to get to know them better.

Family photos are especially helpful for this. Going over their story while they relive it and share it is a very nice way to share time with them and understand them better. Older people have lived longer than us and can always surprise us. From pieces of wisdom to funny and unexpected anecdotes, getting to know our seniors is a great and necessary thing to do.

Listening to them talk and seeing how they remember stages of their lives is an ideal way to spend winter afternoons. We have a lot to learn from our elders and offering them the attention and care they deserve will surprise us more than once.

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