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Personal Care Services

Personal Care Services are home-based services. It can include help with bathing, dressing, toileting, ambulation, feeding and/or light cleaning. These services are known as/called Activities of Daily Living or ADLs.

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Bathing means cleansing all surfaces of the body and bathing includes assistance with changing clothing, getting in and out of the tub or shower; wetting, soaping, and rinsing skin; shampooing hair, drying body, applying lotion to the skin, applying deodorant and routine catheter care. Bathing includes all transfers related to bathing. For example, the patient needs to be physically transferred to a shower chair.



Dressing means the ability to dress and undress (with or without an assistive device) as necessary. Dressing assistance does not include only activities related to garment closures (e.g., zippers, buttons) at the back of the garment. Typical clothing changes are from sleepwear to daywear and from daywear to sleepwear.

a caregiver is helping a woman with her tie
a nurse combing a woman's hair in a wheelchair



Grooming means the ability to tend to personal hygiene needs. Grooming activities including washing face, hands, and feet; combing/brushing hair, shaving, nail care, applying deodorant, and oral or denture care.



This includes using conventional or adaptive utensils to eat, preparing meals, supervision of those with risk of choking, and also require partial or full assistance with eating.
a caregiver helping an older woman sitting at a table with a bowl of food
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Assistance with transfer on and off the toilet or commode, assistance with cleaning the perineal area and/or changing personal hygiene products for incontinence.



Assistance for clients with either partial or full assistance moving from one surface to the other. This includes transferring from wheelchair to bed, from bed to wheelchair.
a personal care attendant dressed in pink helps a man in a wheelchair stand up

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